Artist Statement 

As a woman, I grew up with television shows and movies representing women in what I felt was a negative way.  It was difficult to feel empowered as a female in what television portrayed as “a man’s world.”  Even as a young girl, I did not relate to the typical female love interest in the story; I wanted to make my own story.  Today, I create portraits of powerful women with the hope to draw attention to the importance of gender equality and equal representation. 

For many years, television and movies represented women as either secondary characters or over sexualized.  Although it has been a slow evolution, more recently empowered and strong female characters have become the leads in television shows and movies.  Independent women are gradually becoming more fully represented in film. 

With portraiture, I have the opportunity to elevate stories of female strength.  My work gives people the opportunity to connect through their experiences of strong fictional women, such as Princess Leia, Claire Underwood or other popular icons.  The characters I choose represent fierceness and strength.  My artwork seeks to bring a conversation about the role of women in fiction and reality.